Angel Bench for a chapel

I designed and built this bench for my wife as a Christmas Holiday gift. Built of red oak. Seats two. Angle wings carved on the arm rest sides.
The padded seat and seat back with lumbar support might be the most comfortable pew ever made.
Red oak is difficult to carve since it wants to splinter and chip by nature of it's hollow grain.

Angel Bench Schad full ws

Angel Bench Schad close ws

Elves Cuckoo/Quail Clock

Theme: This is the clock I always wanted to build and finally did, Inspired by an old German lithograph.

I started with an original 1800's cuckoo quail case that was missing all the carvings. The case was repaired and reveneered in black walnut. The original German brass weight-driven movement was restored and cuckoo and quail pipes replaced. Original birds restored.
The elves and dial are carved of cherry wood with a black walnut shield and topper background. Topper leaves, vines and pendulum are carved of cherry wood. Traditional carved bone hands and numerals. A gong strikes the quarter hours with progressive quail chirps, followed by the cuckoo calling out the hour.

Dimensions: 18.5" w x 24" tall, with a 6 inch dial.

Schad Elves Clock Frnt700hSchad Elves Cuckoo Angle700hSchad Elves Clock Pendulum400h

Wedding Wall Clock

Theme: The four seasons, represented by four scenic locations chosen by the bride and groom.
Beautifully made black walnut case with hand carved front and hand painted dial in oils.
Black walnut burl wood top and bottom aches.
Built around a German weight driven movement, with gongs to strike the hour and play melodies on the quarter hour.

Dimensions: 51" tall, with an 8 inch dial.

wedding clock -schad
custom wedding clock-schad wedding gift clock-schad,

Musical Boxes

Music box with punched paper stripsHand crank music box
Beautifully made black walnut case with hand carved front grill and inlays. Built around a 20 note hand-crank musical movement that uses punched paper strips. Includes five pre-punched melodies and two blank strips, hand punch and instructions to make your own music strips.

Dimensions: 7.5" tall, x 7.5" wide x 11.5" deep.


Carved Bible Sculpture
A customer found a block of black walnut that reminded her of a Bible, she asked me to carve something onto the front and the words "Holy Bible". It is now a focal point of her home chapel.

Carved Bible Schad angle ws

Whatever unique gift you have in mind. I can work with you to create the custom made gift or unique woodworking you desire.

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