Wedding Wall Clock

Theme: The four seasons, represented by four scenic locations chosen by the bride and groom.
Beautifully made black walnut case with hand carved front and hand painted dial in oils.
Black walnut burl wood top and bottom aches.
Built around a German weight driven movement, with gongs to strike the hour and play melodies on the quarter hour.

Dimensions: 51" tall, with 8 inch dial.

wedding clock -schad
custom wedding clock-schad wedding gift clock-schad,

Musical Boxes

Music box with punched paper stripsHand crank music box
Beautifully made black walnut case with hand carved front grill and inlays.
Built around a 20 note hand-crank musical movement that uses punched paper strips.
Includes five pre-punched melodies and two blank strips, hand punch and instructions to make your own music strips.

Dimensions: 7.5" tall, x 7.5" wide x 11.5" deep.



I built this clock tower onto an existing home blending it into the roof line and style of the home.

Custom Tower Clock Hands
These tower clock hands were custom designed and cut from aluminum. Then folded ribs were added for strength and counterweights were added for balance. They were painted in a matte finish.

Classic Tower Clock Numerals
The classic numerals were cut from high temperature plastic and were painted with a matte finish to match the hands.

Custom Tower Clock Hands, Metal Tower Clock Hands, Dial, Numerals

Custom Gun Rack
Inspired by traditional Black Forest woodcarvings this wall mount gun rack was carved from red oak and is finished in glaze and lacquer.

Carving a gun rack Carved gun rack

Jewelry Box
A small jewelry box for my granddaughter, of highly figured cherry wood with black walnut inlay and drawer pulls.

Custom Jewelry Box Closed Jewelry Box Open

Custom Black Walnut Telescope
I built this telescope of black walnut with maple inlay and brass fittings.
It used an 8 inch mirror and has a focal length of 48 inches. The telescope is counterweighted and uses a Dobsonian style mount. There is storage in the base for lenses and accessories. As well as being a beautiful display piece you can view the rings of Saturn or the craters of the moon.


Whatever unique gift you have in mind. I can work with you to create the custom made gift or unique woodworking you desire.

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