Trumpeter Clock Restoration

Your trumpeter clock deserves the best in careful restoration
and replacement of missing parts
t's important to save as many of the original parts as possible.
When replacement parts must be made it is essential that they
be as historically accurate as possible. Contact me and we'll get
started on putting that wonderful clock back in working order
and to its original beauty.

This clock had broken carvings and was missing the bird at the top.
Parts were labeled for position, a new bird and other parts were carved.
After parts were splined together the finish was matched to the original.
Broken clock frontClock wood carving, birdRestored carved clock frontTrumpeter clock restored front

This clock case was missing several details and needed case restoration. Internally it required complete replacement of the musical mechanism. This included wind chest, bellows, music wheel, lifters, reeds and horns. The result is a beautiful working clock.

Trumpeter clock insideTrumpeter clock restored

Other flute player clock restorations done throughout the years.

Fluteplayer clock pipes Trumpeter clock pipes

Minimum cost for clock restoration parts is $300.
Full clock restoration price varies depending upon work required.

Figure Carving, Molding and Restoration
I also repair trumpet player and flute player figures (when possible),
and I can provide you with exact, molded and hand painted exact reproduction trumpeter or fluteplayer figures.
Contact me for prices and details.

Trumpeter Figure, brokenTrumpet Player Figure restored SchadTrumpeterFigureAssortment

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