Carving and Restoration
I also repair broken woodcarvings and carve the missing portions from solid wood, matching the grain, blending them into the original piece and then matching the finish. The result is a beautifully restored piece. Before and after photos of several examples are shown here.


Carved Black Forest Wall Panels:
Carved Wall Shield GoatBlack Forest Plaque Goat

Black Forest Carved Shield Deer midBlack Forest Carving Shield Deer

Black Forest Cuckoo Carved Front:
Deer antlers before repairCarving repair, front beforeRestored clock with antlers

This carved box suffered from wood worm damage, particularly on the back lid where it was almost eaten through. The lock was there but rusty and not working, the upper lock section was missing. I restored the lock mechanism, had a key made, then repaired the worm damage and restoring the finish.


These clock cases were damaged and missing many small parts. Using photo reference the damage was repaired and the missing parts were carved to match the original carver's style and then replaced. Then the finish was restored.

Farm Clock Before RepairFarm Clock Restoration

Fox Clock Before RepairFox Clock RepairedFox Clock Restoration

This beautifully carved antique clock came to me with cracks, holes, breaks and missing parts. This very rare and unique clock required research and skillful carving to match the work of the original master carver. These photos show some of the damage, then midway thru restoration and then the final beautiful result after matching the original stain and finish.

Note that I rarely use wood fillers. I splice in real wood and carve it to make the repairs.
Hunter broken carving before repairHunting Clock Carving RestorationHunter clock with dogs

Carved Clock Parts
If your treasured clock is missing a few carved or machined parts, I can work with you to restore it. I can match an existing part, work from a reference photo or design and create a part as necessary.
Minimum cost for parts is $300.

Serinette pipes Carved clock pendulums

I also make animated figures

Bell Ringers Organ clock figures

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