I'll help you restore that old, damaged woodcarving or clock case
to its original beauty.

A custom clock is a living memorial to your family history
or a personal expression of your special interest.

I'll work with you to create a traditional timepiece
that reflects the level of quality that you expect and deserve.

Questions and Information

How do I have a clock or woodcarving restored?
Contact me via email with details of what you need done. Photos are very helpful. I'll assist you in properly packing the piece for safe shipping so no further damage is done. I have been safely shipping even the most delicate clocks successfully with no damage. When I see the actual clock or woodcarving I can determine what it needs and I can give you an estimate of the cost. With your approval, restoration work will be done. Photos will be emailed to you as work progresses.

How much will it cost to restore my clock or carving.?
It seems everyone has an old clock that needs to be repaired. I have set up a $300 minimum for restorations to eliminate cheap clocks that just are not worth restoring. After I see photos of your clock I can give you a ballpark estimate of the cost of restoration. I really need to have the piece in front of me to examine the actual damage. After I see the actual piece I will have a better idea of the estimated costs.

How do I have a custom clock built?
First, contact me via email at with details of what you are looking for. I build classical style custom clocks that use either traditional weight driven or spring wound mechanisms. We will discuss the type of clock you are interested in, choose the type of wood, the style and features. I will give you a rough ballpark estimate of the cost and details of payment terms. We will have a written agreement before I begin preparing actual drawings which will be submitted to you for your approval or alterations. Then actual construction will begin. Photos will be emailed to you as your project progresses. When completed the clock will go through testing to make it sure it performs properly and reliably. I will then deliver the clock to your home or office and set up for you.

How much will a custom clock cost?
Since each custom clock is uniquely built to suit your desires, the costs will vary based upon wood selection, type of clock movements, clock features, etc. I use high quality clock movements only and I can modify the existing movementto animate your clock specifically to your liking. Wall clocks begin at $1,800. Tall case clocks begin at $10,000.

How long will it take to do the work?
This of course depends on the scale of the project, number of features, etc. I work in a timely manner. The highest levelof craftsmanship being the goal. Photos will be emailed to you as work progresses. References of other customers are provided upon request.

Michael Schad, clockmaker and restorer

Clock dial carving

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