old train pictureTall Case, Steam Locomotive Clock.
Custom weight driven grandfather clock.
Limited edition of three clocks.

Railroad grandfather clockCustom train clock

• The highest quality black walnut casework.

• Reliable German 8 day weight-driven movement

• Custom mechanism tolls the hour by blowing train whistles twice and ringing a brass bell.

• Day of the month is displayed in the center of the reflector above the dial.

• Fine brass inlay detail in doors and headlight bezel.

• Side windows allow you to watch the mechanism in action.

A rare timepiece of the highest quality that your family will treasure for generations to come.

94-1/2 " tall x 22" wide x 15" deep.

Each clock is signed, numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Cost $12,500, plus delivery and set-up.

Michael Schad clockmaker

This clock was exhibited at the world's largest model train store, Caboose Hobbies, Denver CO.

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Designer and builder of unique,
custom made clocks of
traditional style.

Over 40 years of woodworking and
award winning design experience.

For further details about this unique custom clock contact me at msclock@sprynet. com