Designer and builder of unique, custom made clocks of classical style.

Over 40 years of woodworking and award winning clock design and wood carving experience.
I’ll work with you to design and create a personalized timepiece of the highest quality that your family will treasure for generations to come.
I build custom grandfather, wall and shelf clocks of traditional style using weight driven and spring wound movements.

I can modify the existing clock movement to animate your clock so that it is truly unique.


I’ll help you restore your antique clock, animated figure or antique wood carving back to it’s original state of beauty.
I repair broken and damaged wood carvings and carve any missing portions, blending them into the original piece and then matching the finish. The result is a beautifully restored antique.
I also specialize in the restoration of trumpeter clocks and flute player clocks. When replacement parts must be made it is essential that they be as historically accurate as possible.
I repaint damaged clock dials, make animated figures and help customers with unusual projects.

Contact me and we'll get started on putting that wonderful antique back in working order, back to its original beauty and greatly increasing it's value.

Member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
and the Music Box Society International.

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